Neck Pain Treatment At Larch Tree Osteopathic Practice, Coventry

Neck pain and stiffness is a very common condition which can radiate up to the head causing headaches or to the upper back, shoulders and arms. Sometimes you may experience pain, pins and needles or numbness into your arms or hands due to irritation of a nerve in your neck.


How can osteopathy help?

Osteopaths use a variety of techniques to gently loosen the spinal joints and relax the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders to restore freedom of movement and ease pain.

Osteopathy is recognised as an effective treatment for neck pain, The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends osteopathy for the treatment of non specific neck pain.

Everyone is different and we will ensure that your treatment will be chosen according to your specific needs. Factors such as age, lifestyle and stress levels will all play an important part in determining the techniques chosen to treat you so that you can feel assured that you are getting the best treatment possible.

Having identified the factors causing your neck pain we will give you advice on how to address them from adjusting your posture at work, home and in the car to stretches and exercises you can do to keep your neck pain free.

Should medical investigations be required we will refer you back to your GP or specialist.

What causes neck pain?

  • Postural problems, i.e. sitting badly at a computer or laptop
  • Age related wear and tear to the joints of the neck
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle strain
  • Disc injury
  • Stress/Anxiety
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